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Push SMS



 This is a subscription based service that delivers daily nuggets to subscribers via our short code messaging platform.  It is a known fact that SMS remains the world’s most ubiquitous and reliable service in terms of grass root and global reach and this informs our firm believe that knowledge can be acquired on the go.


 With these educational channels, Nigeria and by extension Africa’s teeming population of graduates and unemployed youths can be empowered with quality information that will bring about quality decision making either in their pursuit to securing employment or building a viable business right from scratch.

Subscription is on a monthly/weekly basis.

CAREERWISE® delivers employability enhancement nuggets while STARTUP MOBILE® seeks to empower young budding entrepreneurs with business startup tips. Both are developed using standard curriculums of leading entrepreneurial and career focused institutions. Essentially its career and entrepreneurial education on the go!




Mobile phone users send request/response to a short code gateway with instant response of subscription to service while service charge is deducted from mobile phone account. Presently the service is available per institutional subscription basis 


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We introduce to you our innotive and dynamic bulk messaging solution- PUSH SMS. This service enables you to simply send your bulk messages right from your mobile phone even without an internet connection using the simple sms feature available on every mobile phone.

With PUSH SMS all you need do is simply to send your message to the desired phone book group already on your sms account on using a pre-defined format. To send sms use the following parameters:




Compose your message in the following format: password@group name@text message to 08185825555.


Please note that you must send the sms using the mobile number you registered with.



Your password@transfer@amount@recipient username

e.g 2010@transfer@5000@Florence(with this member with username FLORENCE will receive 5000 SMS units from you.


Your password@group list@account

Eg. 2010@colleagues@account

The total numbers in the phonebook group called “Colleagues” will be sent to you



We advice that if your are sending to just one person at a time, to do so through the website.


The mobile number 08185825555, is configured for data processing only. It will not handle calls.


You can only use this service on the mobile number you registered with on our site.


Password is case sensitive.


Password must be followed by the @symbol(this means that there should be no space between the group name and @symbol, likewise between the password and group name. Otherwise your message will not be delivered.


Group name must be followed by the @ symbol.


Please note that you can only use the mobile line you registerd with. This is becuse the line has been configured to relate with your SMS account.

Contact Us

+234-8025916690, +234-9092122250,

BB Support: 76AD5627

Email : This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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